Ayurveda: The 3 Doshas

In Ayurveda, our Prakriti determines the bio-energy of our mind and body, called our Dosha. There are 3 Doshas, and each contains more of some elements than others and has it’s own distinguishable qualities:

Kapha (earth+water) - cold, oily, stable, heavy

Pitta (fire+water) - hot, dry, unstable, light

Vata (air+space) - cold, dry, mobile, light

The goal of Ayurvedic Medicine is to prevent illness through eating seasonal foods and herbs, and other behaviors that bring balance to your constitution. Foods that contain qualities similar to our Dosha will be aggravating to us, while foods that have the opposite qualities will help bring us to balance.

These bio-energies are reflected on the macro level as well. The Earth expresses the Doshas as seasons of the year:

Spring - Kapha season

Summer - Pitta season

Fall/Winter - Vata season

Time is also expressed through the Doshas:

2 - 6 - Vata time

6 - 10 - Kapha time

10 - 2 Pitta time