Ayurveda: The 5 Great Elements

According to Ayurvedic Medicine, an ancient living science of India, everything on earth is composed of the Panchmahabhutas, or 5 Great Elements:

Each element can be distinguished by a set of qualities:

Earth - cold, dry, stable, heavy

Water - cold, moist, stable, heavy

Fire - hot, dry, unstable, light

Air - cold, dry, mobile, light

Ether (Space) - cold, dry, unstable, light

Something’s unique constitution of these elements is called its Prakriti

People are also made up of a special combitation of the elements, containing more of some elements than others. Each person’s Prakriti determines what physical characteristics and energetic patterns they embody.

Prakriti informs you what your primary tendencies are, and enables the ability for you to practice preventative medicine.