Ayurveda: Primary Causes of Disease

In Ayurvedic Medicine, dis-ease is a state that arises when our mind, body and/or spirit is out of balance. The goal of Ayurveda is to restore balance. The main actions that cause imbalance are:

1. Misuse of the senses

This refers to any morally unwholesome action committed under the influence of sensual desire or to the inability to control one’s own senses.

2. Prajnaparadha - an offense against your natural wisdom 

This occurs when one part of you insists on an action that is detrimental to the rest of you. It is when deep down, you know something is not right for you, but you do it anyway.

3. Parinam - time in motion

This refers to the speed at which your internal state is moving. You can slow down the way you experience time and slow the aging process of the body.

4. The Ultimate Cause of Disease - forgetting your true nature. 

According to Vedic philosphy, when the fluctuations of the mind are settled, one abides in their true nature. This means not identifying too strongly with any experience, thought, emotion or state of being that we temporarily reside in, but getting familiar with who we are underneath those variables.