Astrology: Return of Saturn

At the end of our 20’s, we will all experience an astrological phenomenon known as the Return of Saturn.

During this time, we might feel intense shifts in our inner selves as well as in our outer lives. We may change careers, relationships, locations, or in other ways come into a deeper sense of our reason for being on this planet.

According to astrology, the planet Saturn has a strong influence in our lives as a great teacher. He comes in to ensure we are aligning with our dharma, or our true purpose in life. Just as Saturn is surrounded by rings, or limits, the planet brings with it the awareness of our own limitations. Saturn teaches us through helping us define and focus on what is really important.

When Saturn “returns”in your life, this means the planet has completed one full orbit, and found itself back at the same place it was when you were born. Saturn’s orbit is almost 29 years long, so this period usually occurs around age 28, and again around age 56 (and also 84 if we are lucky!). Each time its effect can be felt for about one year. When Saturn transitions into its next orbit in our lifetime, it can feel like a time of rebirth. However, if we are not living in line with our true purpose, this period can feel more like a rude awakening. 

Saturn directs attention to our foundation, testing the solidity of what we have built it on. Then Saturn shows us where there are cracks in our foundation, beginning to crumble away anything that is not in line with our dharma like sand. This shifting of our foundation can occur through external changes in life, as well as through changes in internal understanding of how we view the world and our place in it.

Saturn also directs our attention to the places in which we are limiting ourselves. He asks us to get clear about what our limitations are and urges to push ourselves us to transform. These limitations often present themselves as stories or beliefs that we have held onto for a very long time, but no longer serve us. 

Saturn asks us to be curious about who we will become as we choose to release these limiting beliefs about ourselves and how we relate to the world around us. Saturn guides us in rebuilding our foundation on truth, in alignment with our destiny. Saturn leads us in redefining who we want to be and what we want to do as we shed our rings.