Photo by Rachel Bradley

Photo by Rachel Bradley


Movement heals.

Rachel has been practicing  yoga since she was 12 years old and continues to use it as a daily tool for overcoming anxiety, depression, physical injuries, self-limiting beliefs, and so much more. She is so grateful for the opportunity to share the journey of yoga with others. Rachel's personal and professional understanding of the therapeutic value of yoga is the backbone of her classes.

Rachel recently received her Master’s degree in Social Work from the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College, with an undergraduate degree in Expressive Therapies from Lesley University. She is passionate about applying the concepts of personal growth and transformation to improve society as a whole, particularly in the area of mental health.

Additionally, Rachel offers Reiki natural healing services to gently, but powerfully bring the mind, body and spirit into balance. She is also attuned in reading the Akashic records,  which act like an energetic map of the soul's journey.

Rachel is a poet, artist, musician and activist. She enjoys studying Ayurveda, herbalism, astrology and above all else, the mind. She shares her reflections on these studies under Journal, and also weaves these themes throughout classes.